What is a Life Chapter?

Life Chapters

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Life Ministry FAQs - Check out the FAQs for help in deciding the right approach for life ministry in your congregation and area.

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Note: For the latest Life Chapter info and contact information, give us a call at 888.364.LIFE or read on to find out how you can start one! We would also encourage you to learn more about Life Teams.

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Life Chapter Annual Activity Report

2019 Annual Activity Report Online Form - Life Chapter

What is a Life Chapter?

Life Chapters of Lutherans For Life are volunteer organizations of pro-life Christians seeking to carry out the mission of Lutherans For Life: “Equipping Lutherans to be Gospel-motivated voices For Life."

Life Chapters provide an organization through which Lutheran Christians can unite to give a common witness within the Church and society to their concern for the value and dignity of all human life.

Life Chapters . . .

  • Are educational and service-oriented frontline organizations working within the Lutheran Church. Life Chapters are not clubs or political action committees.

  • Are independent of local congregations. Life Chapters are not directly affiliated with or restricted to certain congregations.

  • Are inter-Lutheran - they are not directly affiliated with a specific Lutheran denomination and do not engage in worship or other ministries appropriate only to congregations.

  • Are affiliated with National Lutherans For Life and with its state affiliates.

  • May have five, fifty, or even more members.

  • May work in two, ten, or even more congregations.

The primary focus is “education based on the Word of God” promoting the sanctity of human life. A secondary focus for many Life Chapters is service that promotes respect for life. Because they have direct contact with congregations and other Lutheran organizations and institutions, Life Chapters collectively carry out the bulk of the ministry of Lutherans For Life.

What do Life Chapters do?

Each Life Chapter has its own character, interests, and areas of expertise. Thus, most Life Chapters engage in some projects that are unique to them and specially suited to their communities. Many Life Chapters engage in most of the following activities:

  • Pray for the needs of their members and the millions of people facing life and death decisions or the aftermath of such decisions.

  • Make “For Life” presentations to congregations, schools, and church groups.

  • Hold meetings, rallies, or forums with educational programs for their members and other interested persons.

  • Distribute pro-life information.

  • Participate in and/or support pro-life caring pregnancy outreach.

  • Urge their church and government leaders to respect and protect all human life.

How do I get involved?

One way to get involved is to join an existing Life Chapter. Contact National Lutherans For Life for the Life Chapter nearest you. Every Life Chapter has a need for something you can provide, whether it be skills, time, technical advice, or prayer support.

If there is no Life Chapter near you, perhaps one should be started in your community. Who knows but that God has placed you there for such a task as this? (Esther 4:14)

How do I start a Life Chapter?

If you believe the Lord is leading you to start a Life Chapter, contact National Lutherans For Life. We will send you (free of charge) helpful materials.

Begin to educate yourself on the pro-life issues by reading pro-life materials, speaking with other pro-life people, and attending meetings of other pro-life organizations. Speak with other Lutherans in your community about the life issues and identify those who might be interested in helping you. It is especially important to visit with the pastors in your community to learn where they stand on these issues.

Be assured that, whatever the way in which you are able to help share the For Life Message, the Lord can make you an important part of the ministry of changing hearts and minds and saving lives!