Wish List

We want to share with you our “Wish List.” Most of these items are not included in our annual budget.

  • Please prayerfully consider how you could support one of the projects.

  • A gift of any amount is welcome.

We also encourage you to organize a fund raising project with your Bible study, state federation, Life Chapter, Life Team, or another group from your congregation to assist us. 

Educational Resource Manuals - Digital Edition 
Each year, Rev. Michael W. Salemink travels to Lutheran seminaries and presents the Life message. At the same time, each student is given a Educational Resource Manual - Digital Edition full of information on life issues for pastors and seminary students. 

Estimated annual cost for travel and ERM production and distribution: $5,000

LFL National and Regional Conference Scholarships
LFL offers scholarships to youth and church workers so that they can attend our annual LFL conference. Your gift can support this project. 

Estimated cost: $250 per person

Here are several other Wish List opportunities:

National Office Facility

Color copier - An outright purchase would save over equipment lease pricing.

Postage meter - An outright purchase would save over equipment lease pricing.

Sponsor a Regional Director: $20000 (per year/per location)


  • Life Team and Leaders: $50 (per event)

  • Professional Enrichment: $1000


Sponsor LifeDate: $17000 (per issue)

Ministry Travel

  • Seminary: $500

  • International: $5000

  • Conferences: $1500

  • Preaching: $500

  • Schools: $500

  • Seminars: $1000

When you send your donation, please let us know which of the above projects you are giving a gift to support. Let us know if you need more information. We would welcome the opportunity to visit with you.